“When I first heard about C.P. Ellis and Ann Atwater I thought, ‘Maybe this could be a movie.’ Then I read the book and thought, ‘I think this might be a good movie.’ But it wasn’t until I saw Diane Bloom’s An Unlikely Friendship, heard these people, and saw the humanity in them that I thought, ‘I absolutely have to tell this story… and it’s going to be a great movie.’

Robin Bissell, Director, The Best of Enemies

The Best of Enemies, the Hollywood movie of the story of Ann and CP will premiere in theaters on April 5, 2019.

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Initially, their relationship was fraught with distrust and hatred. But through working together and getting to know each other as humans instead of stereotypes, CP Ellis and Ann Atwater formed a deep and loving friendship. On the final night of the 10-day community meeting, in front of 1000 people, including his fellow Klansmen, CP Ellis tore up his Klan card.

Told in their own words, this rich and compelling story is as sincere and down-home as the protagonists themselves.

The film is both funny and poignant. But most of all, it is hopeful and optimistic, because if two people as different as Ann and C.P. could transcend their deeply held prejudices, and form such a strong and lasting bond, than any of us can do the same.

“An Unlikely Friendship” has played at 26 film festivals, has won 5 national awards and has aired on PBS.

  • Best Documentary Short, Durango Film Festival
  • Platinum Award for History Documentaries, Houston WorldFest
  • Best in Category of Social and Human Justice, Vermont International Film Festival
  • Best Documentary Short, Orinda Film Festival
  • Director's Audience Award, LA International Latino Film Festival


Now more than ever, this film has something to teach us. For your own copy of “An Unlikely Friendship,” to watch and discuss with friends and relatives, or even quietly with your own thoughts, simply order one using the Paypal link below. Each DVD is $39.50, including USPS shipping.

“An Unlikely Friendship is one of the most important documentaries I’ve seen and may be the most hopeful film in years.” - Studs Terkel, acclaimed Chicago author
Download the complimentary curriculum guide for the film. If you would like to pay by check, contact Diane for details.


Can change really happen? Can deep-seated prejudices and adversarial relationships be
transformed? “An Unlikely Friendship” is not only about racial issues in the United States. It
is about differences of all kinds, and all forms of group hatred that are so prevalent in our
country today.

Diane Bloom has created this workshop to accompany showings of the film. It is designed
to open conversations, build bridges and create strong, working relationships among
people of diverse backgrounds. The discussion that arises in these workshops can be
not only moving, but insightful and potentially healing.

Diane is also available to host Q&As or to give
presentations in conjunction with screenings of
“An Unlikely Friendship.” She has worked with
the following:

  • Educational and community groups
  • Diversity training in the workplace
  • Corporate and government diversity training
  • "Discussions with the Filmmaker" events
  • Keynote speeches
  • School visits